This Week’s Experement

In class this week we did a lot of awesome lessons and experiments but my favorite was the experiment to find out if a cloud forms under high or low pressure.  First, Mrs.Wilson lit matches, dropped hem in to a liter bottle with water and closed the bottle.  Then we squeezed the bottle to see if a cloud would form.  It didn’t.  But when we let go a cloud formed. Now I know clouds form under low preasure.

My first semester top 20 list

1. Igneous rocks form from magma or lava

2. Metamorphic rocks form with heat and pressure

3. There are 5 steps to form a sedementary rock

4. Intrusive rock is under ground

5. Extrusive rock is above ground

6. Foaliated  rocks have parallel bands

7. Nonfoaliated rocks have randomly assorted grains

8. Clastic rocks are sedementary

9. Chemical rocks are sedementary

10. Organic rocks are sedementary

11. There is a law of superposition

12. There is a law of origonal horizontality

13. There is a law of uniformitarionism

14. There are Nonrenewable resorces

15.  There are renewable resources

16. Earth is 4.6 billions years old

17. Eras and periods are different things

18. The ocean floor is made of basalt

19. The outer core has nickle

20. The inner core is solid


My final Blog challenge

          My blog has 13 posts on it with 10 about school and blogging with 3 about personal interests.  I also have received 8 comments in all but my post that received the most comments was my rock story because it was for a grade.

          I enjoyed writing my favorite holiday post because I got to talk about what I do around the holidays.  I did not change blog themes because it was not necessary.  I have 6 widgets and I think it the perfect amount because anymore would crowd my site.  I do not have any overseas students on my blog roll.

My favorite holiday

         There are many reasons that my favorite holiday is Christmas.  One of the reasons is all of the lights.  There are more lights than any other holiday.  I just love how beautiful it is. My sister and I have the best time in the back seat showing each other the lights.

         Another reason Christmas is my favorite holiday is getting to spend a lot of time with my family.  Every year my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, and Uncle come over and we all open stockings and presents.  It is a tradition in my family to open stockings before presents.  Before we open stockings we read a story from the bible.

         The final reason that Christmas is my favorite holiday is packing the decorations away after we are done and pulling them back out the next year to do it all over again.  Like the song goes” It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”



Blog challenge #8

There are many reasons that I posted on blogs over seas.The main reason is to ask questions.  I went to Georga’s sight and found out that she lives in Australia.  Another reason I go to blogs is the creativeness of their websites.  A great example of this creativeness is Nico’s website.  She is from the united states and her website is covered in peace signs and ty die colors.  Those are the best reasons I visit over seas blogs.

Blog challeng #6

I visited and I found many interesting things on world problems.  The most interesting thing I found was on children soldiers.  The article said the government in some countries was making children under 18 become soldiers in their countries.  Over 250,000 boys and girls are in training or in the army for their countries.  Some children are 7 YEARS OLD.  That is the most interesting thing I have ever heard on world problems.


             We know what the earth is made of on the inside because of p and s waves.  P and s waves both travel through solid but only p waves can travel through water.  That means if s waves break apart in the middle of the earth there is liquid in the middle of the earth.  If the s waves do not break in the center of the earth the center is solid.

              Based on what we saw yesterday the earth is made of solid and liquid because both p and s waves passed through the earth.  This is how scientists figure out what is inside the earth without seeing it!